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In a recent article Alex Smith mentioned some of the things he likes about the Stingher 800GT.

"However, the real highlight on board this boat is not the styling or the attention to detail but helm station.
The raked and intelligently undercut console comes with an angled foot brace, plus a pair of electrically operated drop-down bolsters.. For me, it's as close to the perfect driver's set-up as you could resonably want.

From stem to stern the execution of the new 800 Sport Custom is rigorous, consistent and unstinting.

When you push on the surge is rapid, unremitting and impressively linear at every point in the rev range.

Happily, the sophistication of the styling is matched by the maturity of the features list and the quality of the finish.

This is a great driver's boat so you will want to explore the top end, and here, virtualy flying with the engine revolutions at 6.300rpm, the boat exhibits another trait common to Stingher RIBs - that of graduated obedience.
If you want to settle the hull back down you can do so with the greatest ease, not by coming off the gas but by easing back the trim. Come in a notch and the hull grips a little more. Do it again and the reassuring contact between hull and water's surface is further increased.
All of which makes this one of the most comfortable, composed and reassuring RIBs I have ever driven."