• Stingher

    Luxury and sportiness come together.

    Stingher is the top range of Italboats, and is dedicated to anyone who makes beauty and class a way of life.
    It was born to satisfy the most exclusive needs of the elite users, who will never accept compromises in terms of power, comfort and safety.

    Excellence in design, excellent performance and exclusive accessories: this is the Stingher quality.

    Discover the entire 2019 collection.

    • Gran Turismo

      The GT line was created with the sole intention of allowing our users to experience the sea through a unique driving experience, enhanced by class and great comfort.

      32 GT | 30 GT | 27 GT | 22 GT

    • Cabin Cruiser

      Cabin Cruiser is the line aimed at those who want to get closer to a new way of experiencing the sea: exclusive solutions that allow you to spend entire days on the sea in total comfort and safety.

    • Sport Classic

      The historic and renowned XS line is nowadays recognized as a decisive phase in the evolution of the entire Stingher range. Today it continues to be offered through the Sport Classic line, where high performance and a sporty look trace its distinctive signs.

    • Fast Rike Tender

      Fast Rike Tender

      Predator è la proposta entry-level, rivolta a chi predilige l'essenziale al superfluo senza però voler rinunciare alle prestazioni e a tutta la sicurezza offerta dai battelli Italboats.

      Tra i 4,70 e i 7,30m offriamo la perfetta soluzione a chiunque voglia vivere il mare all'insegna della semplicità.

      L'essenziale non è mai stato così ricercato.

  • Predator

    The strength of simplicity.

    Predator is the entry-level proposal, aimed at those who prefer the essential to the superfluous without wanting to renounce to the performance and all the security offered by Italboats boats.

    Between 4.70 and 7.30m we offer the perfect solution to anyone who wants to experience the sea with simplicity.

    The essential has never been so sought after.

  • Basic

    Basic line

  • Professional



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